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Available now from MF Hire in Sheffield.
Power Cleaning Flush Pump
Designed for simple and effective cleaning and treatment of central heating systems.

This simple to use Central Heating Power Flusher Pump is the ideal piece of plumbing equipment for flushing out scale, sludge, and oxide deposits from boilers, pumps, pipes, radiators, or your whole central heating system.
Used in conjunction with a purpose flushing and cleaning chemical the hire of this power flush pump is a cost effective way to maintain your central heating system.
In particular this unit will remove corrosion and sludge which builds up over time reducing the efficiency of your system, noisy operation, and in certain circumstances failure of your boiler or other plumbing components.
For a free quotation to hire this piece of equipment please Contact Us On:
Flushing Chemicals

For rapid cleaning, flushing, and descaling of pipework, boilers, and most types of central heating systems.
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Central Heating System Flusher Hire

This professional piece of equipment is aimed at heating engineers and plumbers, for flushing out debris, scale, and sludge from boilers, radiators, and pipe work.