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If you need to remove excess moisture from a room in your property then the easiest solution is to rent a portable dehumidifier unit.
Dehumidifiers allow you to reduce the level of humidity in a room or closed area, controlling damp and condensation.
Flood recovery and restoration:
Dehumidifiers assist the recovery process following water flood damage to properties and buildings. They steadily remove the excess moisture speeding up the drying out process of stonework and timber.
Drying out of new plaster:
The drying out of new plaster in a room will be speeded up through the assistance of a dehumidifier and / or a small portable heater.
Portable units:
You will find the units available from MF Hire in Sheffield are compact and easy to transport, making them easy to move between different locations and rooms in your home or building.
Trade credit accounts:
We offer trade credit accounts for companies and regular hirers. Please ask for an application form to apply. If required our sales representative can call.
Speedy collection and delivery:
A fast delivery and collection service is available. Alternatively you may collect from our specialist Tool Hire Shop at 38 East Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 3PS.
Competitive hire rates:
We offer competitive rates for Dehumidifier Hire for short or long term rental periods. For a no obligation quote please Contact Us on: Telephone (0114) 275 0431
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Flood Recovery And Restoration Equipment
Carpet Cleaning Machines and Floor Scrubber Dryers
Best Prices For Dehumidifier Rental In Sheffield

Best Prices in Sheffield for Dehumidifier


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Dehumidifier Rental in Sheffield