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Portable Air Conditioners


How Do Air Conditioners Work::


Air conditioners work in a similar way to a refrigerator. Instead of cooling the space inside an insulated fridge, an air con unit controls the climate in an area, room, or complete building.


Portable air conditioner units use a liquid gas to convert heat to a liquid (moisture) and then back to cool air. This cool air is then blown from the air conditioner back into the area, room, or building the unit is sited in.


A portable air conditioning unit has three main components which play a part in the overall cooling process. These main air conditioner components are the units compressor, the condenser and it’s evaporator.


The liquid gas inside the portable air con unit arrives at the compressor under a low pressure. The compressor then puts this gas under load, compressing the cooling fluid. This process pushes the molecules of the cooling gas together increasing it’s energy and it’s temperature. This liquid gas then leaves the compressor unit inside the air con unit and flows into the condenser. The condenser unit in a mobile air conditioner unit resembles a radiator. Typically this is a part inside the piece of equipment which has a quantity of cooling fins attached to dissipate heat away.


After flowing through the condenser the liquid gas then leaves the mobile unit quickly and is changed back under high pressure from a gas to a liquid (moisture), this then passes to the air con units units evaporator.  


It is at this stage when a portable air con unit extracts heat from the immediate area around it and is able to convert it to a cool volume of air which is then expelled from the unit through it’s relevant apertures and cooling vents. A cooling fan is fitted to all air conditioner units to blows this cool air into the room, area, or building the air conditioner unit is sited in.


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